Eva Koch. VILLAR

11. JANUAR - 1. JUNI 2020

The video installation VILLAR (2001) by Eva Koch is a groundbreaking work of art on migration, war and identity. It is a beautiful, personal and universal story which is still relevant today where many people are marked by family histories that involve war or escape.

The great video work is about the far-reaching consequences of a war, traumas and the power of memory. Through six monumental projections, the visitor will encounter the people featured in the work in the village of Villar del Cobo, where the story begins in 1934. The interactive installation is the story of the artist’s mother, who was adopted during the Spanish Civil War and only later – by random chance – was reunited with her family many years later.

VILLAR attracted much international attention when it was completed and it still has a powerful effect on us in our own times. Showing VILLAR at the Collection also helps to put into perspective Eva Koch’s latest great local art installation The Bowl and the Pearl – A Bouquet for Kokkedal.

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