Status and sponsor

The Nivaagaard Collection is an independent institution founded via a trust deed dated September 30, 1908, which was affirmed by royal confirmation through the Ministry of Culture on October 7 the same year. The museum’s current trust deed was adopted on March 18, 1996.

Fredensborg Municipality is the main public sponsor of the museum. Since 1981, The Nivaagaard Collection has been a state-recognised art museum and therefore receives an annual state grant. In addition, the Bergia Foundation provides support to the museum in accordance with its statutes. The operation of the extension by the Bergia Foundation from 1992 on The Nivaagaard Collections grounds takes place according to a cooperation agreement.

The Nivaagaard Collection is a member of Kunstkonserveringen, which was founded by Danish art museums with the aim of strengthening the surveillance and conservation of art. Kunstkonserveringen conserves and restores artworks and advises regarding light and climate conditions etc. Read more here

Translator: Jennifer Russell

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