A romantic garden in Nivå

The museum is located in a beautiful park laid out as a romantic garden with tall, old trees and abundant rhododendrons. Most of the park is open to the public year round. In late May and early June, the rhododendrons are in full bloom and the garden is a veritable eruption of flowers and colours. The garden constantly evolves because new plantings still take place. Particularly in recent years, the planted area has been expanded with 500 new rhododendrons each year.

The park now belongs to the Hageske Foundation, which is housed in a building belonging to Nivaagaard Manor, the museum’s closest neighbour. This property was acquired in 1862 by Johannes Hage’s father, wealthy merchant and landowner Alfred Hage, and upon his death, Johannes Hage inherited the manor with its brickyard and kiln. For many years, Johannes Hage maintained the garden that surrounded the manor. In 1901, he decided to devise an entirely new plan for the garden. His vision was a romantic park designed according to English principles. He asked landscape gardener Edvard Glæsel to draw up the plans. The park we see today is the result of a reconstruction carried out by architect Christian Hage in the 1980s.

In addition to the park, there is a protected meadow just outside the door, teeming with birds of prey and roe deer. If you feel like a walk, the forest and Nivå beach are located at a walkable distance from the museum.


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