Ib Spang Olsen 100 years

3 OCTOBER 2021 – 9 JANUARY 2022

Ib Spang Olsen’s creative universe and special eye for finding the extraordinary in everyday life still fascinates and surprises us today. Throughout his life, he played with images and words, and with his enormous joy of storytelling and imaginative artistic works, he has enchanted generations of adults and children alike.

He was a close friend of writers and poets such as Tove Ditlevsen and Halfdan Rasmussen, a diligent illustrator of H.C. Andersen’s works and other world literature and he even authored a number of wonderful children’s books of his own. He was particularly fond of children as well as plants and animals, and his exuberant drawings clearly show a deep love of life.

His works include murals and stamps, poster designs and television productions and countless newspaper and book illustrations, which he did with great empathy.

In 2021, the beloved illustrator and author would have turned 100 years old. The Nivaagaard Collection is marking this with an exhibition of both well-known and more obscure works from Ib Spang Olsen’s diverse artistic portfolio: from imaginative doodles, illustrated recollections and fairy-tale scenes to erotic masterpieces.

The exhibition is supported bt The New Carlsberg Foundation

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