New ways to mental wellbeing

Can we as an art museum help boost young people’s mental wellbeing?

This is an area we are currently exploring through our Artfulness course for 6th grader.

Artfulness is a sensory art cource that that forges new ways to achieve mental wellbeing through immersion, presence and ‘slow-loooking’, so that the pupils become aware of both their own and the class community’s wellbeing through thier encounter with art. The Artfulness course teaches pupils to use their senses, trust their perceptions and activate their body's intelligence. The idea is to use this information as a way to learn about art, themselves, their community and ways to better wellbeing. The Artfulness course runs for 15 hours split over 5 sessions, and concentrates on a single artwork. It takes place at school, at the museum and outdoors in the museum park.

The Artfulness course combines sustainability with art education, and builds on The 9 inner sustainability goals. Artfulness invites pupils to use art as a means to increase their awareness of both their own and the class community's wellbeing. We believe that when pupils thrive, they are able to broaden their perspectives, contribute to the common good and take action in a complex world.

Artfulness is part of the Kunstkraft project, a collaboration between five art museums - Kunsten, The Nivaagaard Collection, Brandts, Louisiana and Trapholt - and researchers from the Center for Youth Research at Aalborg University with support from the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces. Throughout 2024, the five art museums will be launching a series of initiatives to explore how different artistic methods can boost young people’s wellbeing.

Read more in the press release Five art museums join forces to support young people’s wellbeing here

Nature connection

The course is based on the painting Winter landscape with Northern Zealand character, painted by J. T. Lundbye in 1841. The work depicts our relationship with and connectedness to nature and universal emotions such as loneliness, grief, loss, beauty, melancholy, pain, solitude, connectedness, peace and love. The work awakens the pupils’ empathy and opens up a conversation about common human emotions throughout time, building a connection between the work’s narrative and pupils’ perceptions.

For more information, contact Artfulness manager at The Nivaagaard Collection, Ditte Toft Jacobsen:

Gæt et værk

Artfulness-elever fra 6. Årgang på Kokkedal Skole har skrevet sanselig poesi til værker i museets faste samling.

Læs med og se, om du kan gætte, hvilke værker, der har inspireret elevernes digte.

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