Milky Ways

the cow in art and culture

28 June – 22 September 2024

Playful calves, innocent milkmaids, and climate polluting steaks... This summer celebrates the cow with an exhibition about its important place in Danish art and cultural history. From being a primordial mother in Norse mythology and a national symbol of the Golden Age, the cow is now at the heart of debates on methane emissions, the ethics of dairy production, and animal welfare. The exhibition will explore where we find the cow currently, not least in narratives of Denmark as an agricultural country and Danish identity.

Contemporary art meets 500 years of works from the Collection, as the cow helps us unpack themes such as gender, climate, food culture, and identity.

Bring the kids and immerse yourself in art, stories and activities at the MUUH! summer workshop, and enjoy the view of free-range cows in the fields by the Collection.

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