Viggo Johansen’s watercolour paintings

June 27. – september 1. 2019

The Nivaagaard Collection is putting on a summer exhibition featuring the Skagen painter Viggo Johansen’s watercolour paintings on loan from the Art Museums of Skagen. The exhibition includes 60 lovely small studies by the artist in which he captures the landscape of Skagen and other places. In some of the works, he uses coloured paper in varying shades of grey, giving the opportunity to create white areas with pigment-saturated gouache, a type of watercolour with a masking quality that makes the subjects vividly stand out.

Viggo Johansen (1851 – 1935) has somewhat been overshadowed by other more well-known Skagen painters, but he was part of the circle as well as a professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Art, teaching at the academy’s school for women for many years. He was married to Martha Johansen, cousin of Anna Ancher, and the couple had six children together.


The Nivaagaard Collection has dedicated the beautiful hall in the museum’s Old Department to serve as a drawing workshop in connection with the present summer exhibition.

The drawing workshop is open during the museum’s opening hours and will be staffed by a drawing instructor from 12:00 – 15:00 during the school holidays. Guests of all ages are free to drop by for an introduction to watercolour painting and drawing techniques.

In addition to drawing tables, the old atmospheric hall has been furnished with beanbags, books and toy farms and animals, ready to welcome the children of holiday visitors to the Nivaagaard Collection. The Morris tapestry from the previous special exhibition still hangs from the end wall, and between the flowery tapestries are arranged bouquets with wild flowers and straw from the local nature, creating a calm, peaceful environment where you can simply relax and immerse yourself in the world of art.

In the side wings of the hall, visitors can go exploring amongst Viggo Johansen’s beautiful watercolour paintings and discover the artist’s talent for creating figures and motion with simple lines and a gamut of colours flowing into one another.

Access to the drawing workshop is included in the entrance fee. In addition, the Nivaagaard Collection is marking the summer holidays with a free popsicle at the café for all museum visitors under the age of 12 during the school holidays.

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